Inbound investment

21 novembre 2018

Inbound investment

The firm is fully experience in inbound investment:
We provide a comprehensive discussion of the laws generally affecting business operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, including D.R. Congo’s foreign investment laws. We are fully experienced in assisting foreign invested enterprises in D.R. Congo, co-operative joint ventures as well as wholly foreign owned enterprise. Our experience and capabilities include:

♦Participating foreign investment projects overall structure design, advising on various issues such as investment form, contribution methods, land use right, technology licensing, custom procedure, employment contract, government approval, environment and tax preferential treatment, etc.;

♦Assisting clients on whole process of establishing a representative office in D.R. Congo, including MOU negotiation, due diligence, legal documentation, contract negotiation, government approval as well as business registration;

♦Assisting on tax planning for foreign investments and residences in D.R. Congo and applying tax preferential treatment when applicable;

♦Acting as external legal advisor after foreign investment enterprise’s establishment in D.R. Congo, advising on daily operational related legal issues, such as taxes, imports, labour management, etc.;

♦Providing high quality legal document translation and other value-added services as required.

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